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As bookkeepers, we at Bookkeeping Sense Inc. are responsible for ensuring that all your financial information is verifiable and accurate. We do more than just enter numbers. Bookkeeping requires analysis and understanding of how each transaction can impact your finances. Keeping track of income and expenses can be very overwhelming, but having all the information organized each month will help to have financials in order and avoid any audits or major legal issues. This is why we work hard and closely with our team and clients to identify any mistakes that can have an impact on your company.

We enjoy working closely with clients since we care about your business as much as you do. Communication is key to keeping your books flowing smoothly as we work remotely. Every piece of information needs to be accurate and reliable, and this will reflect in the financial reports. Therefore, we work as a team to maintain up-to-date books and verify all documents are reliable.

Bookkeeping services we offer

Corporation bookkeeping: We offer bookkeeping services for any type of business. We enter a monthly transaction and generate financial reports to make sure your company is updated.

Strategic yearly budget planning: Businesses must track everyday transactions that impact the business since this will determine any income sales or loss for the company. By creating a strategic budget management plan, we ensure your business has a greater vision of money management to increase profit.

Cash flow report: Cash flow reports are crucial to know how the business is managing cash. This is very important because it shows the future ability of the business to be able to operate and measure the company’s financial strength.

Debt repayment plans: It is important to have a balance when a business is in debt. Therefore, it is very important to have a repayment plan which puts in priority any liabilities and accounts payable. For us, it is important that your business grows financially, but first, we need to make sure some debts are paid.

Payroll: We offer payroll services by tracking and recording employee hours to process employee pay statements.

Aspects to keep in mind when working with us

Communication is key

A client considering joining Bookkeeping Sense Inc. should know that our work is based mainly on trust and communication. As we analyze day-to-day transactions, it is important to be in constant communication with the client to ensure each piece of information is reliable.

Keep us regularly informed

As our job is to keep your books up to date, we need to make sure we receive the information requested on a monthly basis. This includes any changes in the business, bank statements, and cash receipts. If any changes are being made in the business, we need to know, such as the addition of new loans, assets, mortgages, or leases.

If you are looking for certified bookkeepers in Hamilton, ON, reach out to us at Bookkeeping Sense Inc. We make it our business to grow your business so that you can have more time for what’s important to you. Our vision is to assist businesses with making sense of stressful accounting numbers in order to improve their profit margins and overall success rate. We want to help you by taking one of the highest stressors off your mind. This gives you a sense of comfort and calm in knowing you can return to a work/life balance that suits you.

We offer services like Quickbooks bookkeeping, construction bookkeeping, corporation bookkeeping, etc., to clients across Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Burlington, Oakville, Beamsville, Ancaster, Binbrook, and The Greater Toronto Area.

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